Intravenous Vitamin Treatment

Infusion bottle with IV solution

Relatively new the IV vitamin treatment has fast become popular and is the current go-to treatment for many celebrities. IV Vitamin Treatment helps restore hydration and energy levels through personalised IV infusions and booster shots, so ideal for people with hectic schedules who often feel exhausted and run-down.

Benefits of IV vitamin treatment includes direct delivery of hydration, vitamins and energy agents meaning your body absorbs 100% of their benefits, compared to drinking fluids or energy drinks where your body only absorbs about 55%.

Reviv IV Treatments can also reduce the time recovering from hangovers, illness, jet lag and general exhaustion and Reviv Booster Shots provide energy lasting for days and ideal for people suffering from fatigue.

What you need to know about the treatment:


Dr Martin Kinsella is Medical Director of Reviv, therefore well-practiced in administering IV treatments, which take less than an hour. For busy people there is the option of Energy Booster Shots that takes just 10 seconds.


The effects of IV Treatments and Energy Booster Shots are felt quickly and can last for days. Treatment fully develops over a few hours meaning you are back to feeling your best straight away.