Anti-Sweating Treatments

Hyperhydrosis is an extremely common, usually very embarrassing condition that causes profuse amounts of sweating from the armpits. The sweating is further increased when patient becomes nervous, hot or suffering from exertion. Many people find this condition to be quite debilitating, effecting both their professional and social life.

This treatment involves injecting botulinum toxin (Botox) into the sweat glands of the arm pits. The sweat glands have tiny amounts of smooth muscle around the gland that contract and this expels the sweat onto the skin.

Nearly all patients find the treatment a very simple and very effective way to improve their quality of life. They find they are no longer restricted to wearing certain clothes that will hide sweat patches and can use much less products on the skin such as antiperspirants.

What you need to know about the treatment:

How does it work

Botox relaxes the smooth muscle and this stops the expulsion of sweat onto the skin.


Most patients find that the effects of this treatment  effectively reduce sweating by at least 90% and the effects last up to 6 months.

Treatment time

The treatment takes less than 20 minutes and has virtually no side effects.